Who Are We ?

We are a network of experts, from the diverse pool of academia, business, art, history, social scientists and field work researchers, who stand on the core vision of sharing the bright prospects of South Asia not only as an economy but also as one, with the potential to growth beyond the current graphs. We opine that the Nations within this region should promote the quality of their indigenous products to a world class value, some of which are already in high demand in markets world over.

After seeing the decadal growth of the individual component nations within South Asia, experts are of the say that the region has an extremely favourable aspect in terms of a boosting economy if worked out as a whole.

The region should be promoted to hold a slot amongst Chinese, Japanese, German and USA, in matters of creating market for quality production. However, the failing point is that inter-regional trade is approximately 5% and do not bring a remarkable change, even after spending decades under the banner of SAARC. The countries at the national level promote Foreign Direct Investment rather than promoting their indigenous available industries with a quality to match the international level and create demand in international market. Advantage of creating demand for indigenous quality production at the global market, would boost not only the inflow of foreign currency and boost exports, it would also create job-market within the region, where our own experts/skilled manpower can push the economic bar higher, rather than flowing as migrant workers abroad to pay cess to foreign governments. This inflow could be limited to the region, and expertise tapped for raising development and growth rates within the region.

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