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South Asia will play an important role in the global development. It has the world’s largest working-age population, a quarter of the world’s middle-class consumers, and largest number of poor and undernourished in the world.

This development will take place when all south Asian people/society/politicians create mind set to see things beyond own country and think more regional and global to improve living standard jointly and with support of all regional nations.

One other factor which we think that most of the south Asian nations and India which holds approximate 18% world population and majority of the people below 35 of age and one of the largest skilled labourer man power. It shows that these countries educate experts on own cost and big share of these experts pools are used by developed nations and others. India is still trying to get visa relaxation for Indian high profile experts into EU but failed till now.

We are of the opinion that all these South Asian countries should create own world class quality products and world market and get it not only for own regional use but make exports rate higher by quality and on time supply of products. This region should capture a slot some here between Chinese and world exports leaders like Germany, USA, Japan and others. Share of South Asian countries exports percentage is still one of the lowest.

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